Mission Statement

Naomi Society works to eliminate violence against women and gender-based violence in Antigonish and Guysborough Counties by protecting and promoting the safety, dignity, and human rights of women, children, and all genders through trauma-informed community prevention, outreach, support, and advocacy. Our work strives to be inclusive of social, economic, and cultural needs while addressing the foundational issues of domestic, family, intimate partner, and sexual violence.

Our Values

In our work, we value: 

  • Everyone’s right to live their life free of violence 
  • Trust and confidentiality 
  • Empowerment of our clients 
  • Client-led and centered approaches 
  • Inclusive and accessible services that are trauma-informed

Our Vision

Naomi Society leads and partners with those who work to eliminate the root causes and effects of violence against women so that all can live in communities freely, with dignity, and without fear of violence.